Transfer Guide

Course Equivalency Lookup

If you are an incoming transfer student here's a simple web utility to show you which of your credits are likely to be accepted at Western. The equivalent WCSU course, if any, will appear once you enter or change the institution, subject, and course number in any row. (Courses will not be transferred without prior approval.)

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Institution Lookup

If you want a list of all transferable courses from an institution, click on the Institution Course List tab above.


  • Updates and changes may occur occasionally.
  • If you are currently a matriculated WCSU student looking to take a course at another school, click here for more information.

Please Note:

  • All Music, Theatre and Art transfer credits will be evaluated by the department chair.
  • Equivalent WCSU courses that are numbered 991 represent general education courses taken at another institution for which WCSU has no direct equivalent. Other courses also fulfill the general education requirement.
  • Equivalent WCSU courses that are numbered 990 represent discipline electives for which WCSU has no direct equivalent.

For further questions, please contact the Admission's Office at 203-837-9007/203-837-9098 or email